Hatchimals Collectible Figures

Another series of extremely popular toys are the Hatchimals collection figurines. These figures are designed for children 4-8 years old, and they really like them. The toy itself is a miniature animal in the egg. His shell is purple, speckled in color, and a heart is painted on the egg, which changes color. In order for the pet to hatch, you need to rub the heart until it changes color from purple to pink. Now the pet is ready for hatching! You only need to gently press on the top of the shell to help him. Unpacking such a toy is a pleasure! After all, you never know what kind of pet will fall this time. In total, the collection includes more than 70 different pets with sparkling wings behind their backs: these are snails, hippos, giraffes, lions, elephants, pandas, koalas, hares, and many, many others!

Each character belongs to one of 13 categories, depending on the habitat:

  • garden;
  • farm;
  • jungle;
  • ocean;
  • forest;
  • desert;
  • savanna;
  • river;
  • meadow;
  • lilac lake (special collection);
  • giggling grove (special collection);
  • polar paradise (special collection);
  • cloud cove (limited edition).

Also, each pet belongs to a certain group according to the degree of rarity:

  • usual;
  • rare;
  • very rare;

You can find out which categories your pet belongs to by looking at the collector’s memo provided in the kit. Also in this memo, there is a special field for marking, so that you can mark the pets that are already in your collection.

The figures themselves are small, bright, detailed and of very high quality. It will be very fun to play with each child, as well as collect them and share them with friends to collect the entire collection of 70 pets. Toys of this type are very popular today, and are enjoyed by almost everyone!

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